Scarlet, February 12, 2008

by admin on March 28, 2008

On the rainy afternoon of February 12, 2008, Scarlet’s 13 years with the family came to an end. Scarlet was quite elderly at age 30 and while in great health up to this point, she had not eaten or drunk much in the previous five days. After learning that her heart had developed a severe murmur and her kidneys were starting to fail, Jeanne decided to put her down before she began suffering.

This marked the end of an era in the family considering that the children had grown up with Scarlet and much of their childhood involved all kinds of adventures with Scarlet as she safely carried them and their friends. Her death was almost like a pivotal event that signaled the end of childhood and the beginning of more adult pursuits.

It’s touching to see God’s hand at work even in the midst of making final decisions for animals we’ve been entrusted to steward. We had the opportunity to say goodbye, there was no lingering doubts or guilt wondering if we had done the right thing or wondering if she suffered, the euthanization itself was very fast and humane which was an enormous relief to us. The timing was perfect and despite it being the end of a beloved pet’s life, it went as best as it could. A fitting end to a fine animal who enriched our lives enormously.

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