Christmas Ladies Luncheon

by admin on March 6, 2012

December 6th, 12pm; 6 guests


Apricot glazed ham
Hash Brown Casserole
Cranberry Poppyseed Salad
Ginger Lime Carrots
Rolls and butter

Strawberry Grape Salad
Creme Brulee

Timeline for prep

Day Before:

Make Creme Brulee and refrigerate
Make Poppyseed dressing
Make sauce for Ginger Lime Carrots
Make raspberry sauce for Strawberry Grape Salad

Day of Lunch:

8:00 am    Make apricot sauce for ham; defrost frozen potatoes
9:00 am    Ham in oven; slice strawberries and grapes; feta cheese in bowl(not everyone likes feta on salads so put it in small bowl on table)
10:00 am   Carrots in microwave dish; Toss the salad; Make potato dish
10:45 am    Potato casserole in oven;  Set table
11:40 am    Carrots in microwave;  ham out of oven and sliced
11:45  am    Rolls in oven
12:00 pm    Lunch is served

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