SGC Hospitality Inventory

by admin on May 21, 2012

Location Key:     MC – Ministry closet ,  KC – Kitchen Cabinets,   KP – Kitchen Pantry
Current as of May 20, 2012

Number Location Notes
Food Service
 Chafers – rectangle    photo 3 MC
 Chafers – 4 qt round    photo 2  MC
 Steam pans — Full size   photo  7  KC
 Steam Pans – 1/2 size    photo  4 KC
Chafer Fuel/Sterno MC
3 Tier Buffet Server    photo 2 MC
White Plastic Trays/rectangle   photo 30 KP & KC
Small Silver Trays – Misc.    photo 15 KC
Glass Platters   photo 8 KC
Large Plastic Clear Tray  photo 1 KC
Silver Trays- rectangle     photo 13 KP
Platters Large, Stoneware, Oval    photo 4 MC
Corel Plates   photo 14 KC Often used with tiered servers located on top of kitchen cabinets
Misc. Double and Triple Tier Servers 4 KC
Punch Bowls    photo 2 KC Doublecheck to make sure there are punch ladles
Carafes – White  photo 3 KC
5 gallon glass beverage urns    photo 3 MC One has missing lid.  Use small silver tray underneath to catch spills
Coffee Mugs  photo 12 dozen minimum MC
Goblets    photo 60 MC
Stoneware Dinner Plates   photo 64 MC
Stoneware Dessert/Salad Plates 64 MC
Eating Utensils (Knife, fork, spoons) At least 64 place settings MC
 Ice Tongs, silver   photo 19 MC Used for fruits, veggies, cheese cubes- anything needing to be picked up on a buffet
Silver colored Salad Tongs    photo 2 MC
Silver cake/pie server   photo 6 MC
Ladles   photo  8 MC
Silver Serving Fork    photo  4 MC
Slotted Spoons     photo  2 MC
Butter Knives   photo 19 MC For dips, spreads, butter
Ice Tea Spoons  photo 8 MC For serving
Table/Soup Spoons   photo 12 MC
Square Glass Bowls – Large/Quart   photo 8 MC These are expensive so use carefully
Square Glass Bowls – Small   photo 10 MC
Sugar Packet Holders   photo 6 MC
Crystal Shot Glasses   photo 6 MC Perfect for frilly toothpicks
Martini Glasses – Large    photo 4 MC Great for dips, salad dressings, condiments
Wicker Baskets   photo KC
5 Gallon Igloo Beverage Coolers 3 KC
Misc serving bowls (plastic, glass)  photo KC
Silver pitcher  photo 1 MC Can also be used for flowers
Stock Pot – 16 quart w/ lid 1 KC
Stock Pot – 10 Quart 1 KC
Stock Pot – 8 quart w/lid 1 KC
Pasta Strainer/Steamer Insert 1 KC
Cookie Sheets/Baking Trays 9 KC
18 quart Electric Roaster    photo 1 KC
Mixing Bowls – Large   photo 4 KC
Mixing Bowls – Small 4 KC
Mixing Bowl – Huge 1 KC
Grilling Tools    photo KC
Colander   photo 1 KC
Bunn Coffee Urns     photo 5 KC
Coffee/Hot Water Urns  photo 2 KC These do not work for coffee.Use only for hot water for tea.
5 gallon plastic bucket 1 KP Used for mixing large batches of lemonade.
Can Opener 1 MC
Knives  (The good ones)   photo 3 MC
Large Tongs    photo 10~ KC
Thermometers   photo 2 KC On of these is an instant read thermometer. Very important for food safety.
Food Service Storage Containers – Large  Photo 4 MC
Ironing Board and Iron 1 KP Used for ironing tablecloths
Power Strip 2 MC For punch fountains
Extension Cords -Heavy duty/Beige   photo MC
Cord Cover – Grey  photo 3 rolls MC This is a Velcro type that goes over an electrical cord on carpeting to prevent people tripping on cord.
Votive candle holders   photo 40~ MC
Picture Frame/Label   photo 5 MC Used for “Gluten Free” , “Decaf” , etc.
Hurricane Vases    photo 2 MC
Little Easels   photo 2 MC
Bud Vases 24~ KC
Silk Plant/Flower Arrangements   photo 2 MC
Plate – Foam, 3 section KP
Plate – Clear, plastic, 9″  photo KP Special Events
Plate – Clear, plastic, 6″    photo KP Special Events
Cup – Coffee, 12 oz, insulated     photo KP
Cup – 7 oz., plastic, milky white KP
Cup – 9 oz., clear , plastic KP Only for special events
Clear plastic utensils (knife, fork, spoon) KP
Napkin – Beverage size KP
Napkin – Dinner size KP
Coffee Stirrers KP
Frilly Toothpicks MC
Table Covers – paper KP
Paper Towels KP
Plastic Wrap KC
Aluminum Foil KC
Ziploc Bags – gallon and quart size KC
Latex Gloves KC Food handling
Trash Bags – Kitchen and large sizes KC



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