Ice Cream Social For 200- 250

by admin on August 30, 2009

Ingredients 200 250 (February 28)
Vanilla Ice Cream 8 gallons 7.5 gallons (5 quart buckets from Sam’s)
Chocolate Ice Cream 2 gallons 4 gallons (4 quart buckets from Krogers)
Strawberry Ice Cream 1 gallon 3 gallons (4 quart buckets from Krogers)
Maraschino Cherries 6 pounds 2 large jars from Sam’s
M&M’s 4 pounds
Raisins 1/2 pound
Coconut, shredded 1/2 pound
Peanuts, salted 2 large glass jars 1 large can from Sam’s
Jimmies/sprinkles 2 large containers
Walnuts 1 pound
Chocolate sauce (Hersheys) 3 squirt bottles 4 large squirt bottles from Sam’s
Oreos, crushed 2 packages (big) 2 large boxes (180 cookies each) from Sam’s
Caramel Sauce 2 squirt bottles
Bananas 3 pounds
Whipped Cream, cans 20 cans 7 cans

Determining exact quantities to purchase can depend on variables such as season, time of day, weather, ratio of men to women to children and when the ice cream is served (before a main meal or as a dessert).   Food service is not an exact science and the best we can do is predict based on previous functions.   Buying ice cream in plastic buckets allows for greater ease in distributing leftovers and it stores well in the freezer.

Portion control can be achieved by having servers fill the bowls/cups using portion control sized scoops as opposed to self served ice cream.   How we set this up was to have about three women serving the ice cream at one table. Foam coffee cups work great because they are portable, stable and disposable. The ice cream condiments were arrayed on buffet tables like a salad bar. Final toppings such as whipped cream had their own separate table. We also had a beverage table offering water and coffee.

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