Chili Dinner for 40-65

by admin on September 10, 2009

This is the menu for the annual Punkin’ Junkin’ held at Tim and Jeanne’s home every October.  The menu below and quantities are what was served at the 2007 event when about 40 guests attended for dinner:


*  Chili – 18 quart batch (see below)
*  Cornbread muffins – 6 boxes Jiffy Cornbread mix= 48 muffins
*  Baked potatoes – 5 pounds red potatoes
*  Applesauce – 2 large jars
*  Tortilla chips – 2 large bags
*  Condiments – sour cream (quart container), sliced green onions (1-2 bunches) , cheddar cheese (3-4 pounds), oyster crackers (1-2 bags)
*  Hot Cider – 1 gallon
*  Sweet ice tea and water  (in 2 glass 5-gallon beverage urns)
*  Desserts brought by guests

In 2008, the guest list jumped to about 100 invited (the Single Adults Ministry) and 65 responded for dinner.  I made the following quantities and had the resulting leftovers:

2 batches of chili – 4 gallons leftover
10 pounds of potatoes – 5 pounds leftover
5 pounds Shredded cheese – 2 pounds leftover
Tortilla chips – Bought 9 bags, had at least five leftover
Applesauce – Bought 4 large jars, used only 2
2 bunches green onions
1 quart sour cream
Hot spiced cider – 1.5 gallons
Cornbread muffins – Made about 85, had at least 18 leftover.
Will need at least 30 pounds of ice.

We speculate that since previous Punkin Junkin’ meals resulted in leftovers, we overestimated and overcooked in 2008. Plus there was contradancing in 2008 and we speculate dancers did not eat a lot prior to dancing.   Drinks consumption went way up, however.  At least 15 gallons of sweet tea and ice water consumed.

Prepared in an 18-quart electric roaster

3  29-oz cans tomato puree
3  28-0z. cans diced tomatoes
3-4  cups diced onions
4 40.5-oz. cans kidney beans
4 lbs. hamburger
cumin, garlic powder
Chili powder (at least 3 tablespoons)
salt, pepper

Brown hamburger and then add to all ingredients in roaster.  Cook on 250 degrees for at least six hours.

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