After Church Reception for 350

by admin on September 13, 2009

Event:  Briley Family leaving for Pastor’s College
Date:  August 17, 2008
Menu:  Lemonade and ice water, cookie trays, cheese and fruit trays (Receptions of this type after church are not meant to provide the equivalent of a meal.  It’s a snack.)


*  500  8-oz cups from BJ’s (about 150 leftover)
*  320  6-inch clear plastic plates from Party City
*  200 beverage napkins
*  4 large cans of powdered lemonade mix from BJ’s
*  40 pounds ice
*   7 Large cookie trays from Lowe’s Foods
*  7 Large trays of cubed cheese and fruit from Lowe’s Foods
*  Frilly toothpicks


Rental of 2 5-gallon punch fountains
3 8-foot tables
3 white floor length tablecloths
Electrical cords
Gaffer’s Tape
1 cooler
2 5-gallon buckets (paint supply store)
5-gallon glass beverage urn with spigot
Serving tongs

5-gallon plastic paint buckets from the hardware store are perfect for mixing large batches of punch or lemonade and refilling fountains.  The lip on the outside helps prevent spills.

Budget Expenses:

Paper products, lemonade                   223.00
2 Punch Fountain rentals                    100.00
14 cookie/fruit/cheese trays                470.00


Decor:  4 women to decorate three tables with tablecloths, centerpieces, napkins, plates, toothpicks

2 women to pick up trays from Lowe’s during break between worship and sermon

2 people to prepare lemonade
2 men to refill punch fountains as needed

2 men to put and tear down tables and put away

3 person clean up crew – kitchen clean up, leftovers consolidation, table clean up

1 person to take tablecloths and launder

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