Kite Geeks

by admin on July 27, 2007

Yes, we’ve become kite geeks. Jeanne has always had a long dragon kite for the beach since 1986 but in the last 2 years Tim has become enamored of sport or stunt kites. Beach vacation now involves hours of kite flying each day…

Tim and his new Prism Hypnotist and Nathaniel flying his HG Salsa

Kite flying makes them happy!

Jeanne is a one-liner although she really likes Nathaniel’s Salsa and now wants a Salsa of her own. This is her 9 foot wide by 30 foot long Pyro Fish Delta with 5 foot seahorse and 6 foot long clown fish line laundry…all anchored with a big sand anchor in front of the beach cottage.

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