The Sacrificial Virgin

by admin on November 3, 2009

Originally published in 1994 and written by Tim

“They will be gone soon,” said Morgonius, the high priest, to his companions. His hearty band of Cave Crickets was waiting anxiously for the Great Beings from the Heavenly Great White Cavern of Consumption, where, after consuming mass quantities of sustenance and libation far above the Cave Crickets’ earthly realm, the Great Beings placed many dainty an tasty treats on the ground of heaven for their grateful subjects to feast on. Even the smallest of the Great Beings was hundreds of Cricket-legs tall, its body reaching far up above the Crickets’ vision into the cloudy heights of that great realm that Morgonius had heard the Great Beings call “Th’kit-shun”. The smallest of the Great Beings was, in fact, Chief Feeder for all the grateful Cave Crickets and their cousins the Water Bugs. It was to the Chief Feeder that the Crickets always addressed their daily prayers….and their evening sacrifices.

It was for prayer and sacrifice that Morgonius had gathered the Crickets this evening. A nightly ritual this was now, the Presentation of the Virgin. Each night, in supplication to the Great Beings, particularly to the Chief Feeder who made their lives rich and good, the Crickets performed this most sacred of rites under the careful direction of Morgonius. This evening, once again, Morgonius was preparing one of their own as a Cricket Sacrifice for the wicked pleasure and ghastly rituals of the Great Beings. Once the Great Ones had completed their nightly consumption and then magically turned the great vastness of the Great White Cavern of Consumption into a huge, warm, inviting cave, the noble and brave Cave Crickets ushered the selected virgin out to its doom, pushing it out from their secret passageway, for which the Great Ones constantly searched, but which they never seemed to find, so craftily was it hidden. Morgonius knew the Great Beings wanted it this way, so that the nightly observance could go on forever.

As was always the case, one of the Great Beings eventually appeared in this magical realm of Th’kit-shun, bringing whiteness with it. The virginal Cave Cricket Sacrifice, meekly wandering the grounds of the awesome Cavern, was blinded by the brightness. Morgonius heard a thunderous roaring and felt the ground shake as the Great Being shouted, “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Oh Tim! It’s HUGE! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Get it! Kill it! Kill it!!” Almost instantly, the Greatest of the Great Beings appeared from nowwhere and terribly approached, shaking the world with his awesome steps. Morgonius then watched the Great Beings begin their portion of the holy ritual. One of them even took hold of the Huge Holey Holy Paddle, which they called b its magical name “Flais-Wattur”, a ceremonial talisman especially designed for the sacrificial dances of the Great Beings with the noble Cave Crickets.

The Great Beings quickly slapped at the Sacrifice as it danced and leapt for their pleasure. “The Virginal Sacrifice knows its part well”, thought Morgonius, as the Sacrifce jumped high toward the Great Being who had first engaged it in the dance. “AAAIIIIIIHHHH It’s after me! Kill i! KILL IT!”, screamed this first Great Being. The Greatest of Great Beings then renewed the dance, with Flais-Wattur flailing at the Virgin with blinding speed and deafening concussions as it struck the ground of Cavern, ceremonially cleansing it of all danger and evil. Morgonius was grateful that the Great Beings had developed this wondrous and awe-inspiring dance, the central event of the Cave Crickets’ lives. Morgonius was sure the Great Beings lived for this nightly enactment as well.

The Sacrificial Virgin leapt here, hid in a corner there, gazing adoringly up at the Great Ones, then sprang out again in joyous celebration of the art of jumping. Eventually though, it began to tire as it exerted itself to exhaustion in giving itself entirely for the Great Beings’ pleasure. Then, in an instant, the dance reached its thrilling conclusion. The Greatest Great Being slammed the holy Flais-Watter down on the Sacrifice just as it was landing and preparing for another joyous leap. The Great Being gently collected the Sacrifice’s remains in a gigantic white tent that It had just created from thin air, uttering the sacred incantation, “Uuugh! Wha-Ta-Di-Skuus-Tingmess”. Morgonius watched in trembling gratitude as the Great Being drew the body up to the realm that Morgonius had heard reverentially referred to as the amazing land of Trah-Shkahn, filled to the brim with unending morsels of scrumptuous delicacies. The dance was over, the ritual done. Morgonius knew that the floor of the Great White Cavern of Consumption was once again sanctified for the noble and obedient Cave Crickets to roam until the morning, collecting the tender morsels provided by the Chief Feeder Until the Whiteness and Great Beings returned once again.

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