Contra Dancing at the Talley

by admin on November 20, 2009

Our family discovered contra dancing almost 2 years ago after Jeanne asked that the whole family try it once as a Christmas gift to her. They reluctantly dragged themselves to the Century Center in Carrboro out of a sense of duty and obligation and then had an epiphany. Hey! This is FUN! Since then, we’ve introduced dozens of friends to the joys of contra dancing.

Contra dancing is like square dancing except that each dance has a specific pattern which the caller teaches with a walk through before the actual dancing commences. This pattern repeats over and over and eventually the caller ceases calling the next moves because the dancers remember the pattern.

The video below was taken October 31, 2009 (hence the Halloween costumes on some dancers) at the Talley Student Center at NC State. This is an easy beginner dance.

This is one also held at the Talley Student Center at NC State but on September 26th.

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