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by admin on December 1, 2009

Months ago Emma expressed an interest in owning an Indian sari so I found a sari shop in downtown Raleigh and we three headed out for a mother/daughters international shopping experience.   We rifled through racks and stacks of saris not finding one that really caught our fancy.  That is, until the shop owner brought out saris from beind the counter.  This cream, gold and deep Merlot wine colored sari jumped out and Ema tried it on.   It was one of the epiphany moments when you know something is meant for that person.  The colors were beautiful and Emma looked lovely in it.  The colors in the photo really don’t do justice to the actual colors…the burgundy color is very vibrant.

I hadn’t intended to buy a sari for Abby but she found this 100% silk sari which draped beautifully.  The gold decorations on the edges and the pallu (the drape of  end that hangs over the left shoulder) was all hand embroidered.  The shop owner drastically reduced the price and I bought it with the understanding that this was her birthday present.

With Abby’s birthday finally celebrated a few weeks ago, Emma and Abby wore their Indian saris to church this past Sunday.    Abby pulled the end of her pallu around and tucked it into her waist for more modesty since her choli (the short blouse) was short enough to expose her belly.   Emma chose to have her pallu fall over her left arm even though her choli was long enough.  The draping of her pallu on the shoulder and across her chest could be tidier and the pleats in the skirt more centered and crisper but they will learn and get better with more practice.

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