Christmas Dinner for 60, #2 (Apricot Glazed Ham and Caramelized Onion Pot Roast)

by admin on January 16, 2010

Date: December 13, 6 pm
Budget: $500/ Went over $637.00

Menu – See quantities in Shopping List below and in Recipe files

Deviled Eggs  –  3 dozen
Swedish Meatballs – 6 lbs
Spinach and Artichoke Cheeseball and crackers

Main Dish
Salad Bar – Spring greens, feta, cucs, grape tomatoes, croutons, almonds
Apricot Glazed Ham
Caramelized Onion Pot Roast
Loaded Baked Potato Casserole – Times the recipe by 10 and put in two steam pans
Ginger Lime Carrots
Strawberries and grapes with raspberry Grand Marnier sauce
Rolls and Butter

Cheesecake with cherries – 2 large cheesecakes
Black Forest Cake – 2 cakes

Buffet set-up at the back of the auditorium.

Waitstaff Duties – Nathaniel, Deana, Abby S., Christa, Jermaine

1.  Drink orders. Options include sweet iced tea and ice water.
2.  Bus dirty salad plates but leave forks.  Use rolling carts to bus.
3.  When bussing, take dishes to table by Book Nook, scrape plates into trash can, utensils go in bucket.
4.  Refill beverages as needed.
5.  Bus dirty dinner plates, leave forks.
6.  Dessert service.  Offer choice of Black Forest Cake or Cheesecake.
7.  Coffee service.  Regular, decaf or hot tea.
8.  Bus dessert plates, utensils and other table items after event over.
9.  Help tear down buffet table.
10. Help dry dishes.
11. Assist in putting away dishes and chafing dishes into storage.

Table Assignments
Table 1 and 2 – Nathaniel
Tables 3 and 4 – Deana
Table 5 – Jermaine
Table 6 and 7 – Christa
Table 8 – Abby

Deana models the “uniform” the waitstaff wore…black pants, white button down shirts, black aprons.  The guys wore Christmas-themed ties as well.

Friday/Saturday Food Prep
Grocery shop and deliver to church
Boil eggs for deviled eggs
Make sweet tea and bottle in soda  bottles   (2 gallons water, 6 cups sugar, 9 family size tea bags)
Grate limes for lime peel
Juice limes
Caramelize onions

Food Prep Teams On Day of Event

Deviled Eggs – Abby and John Paul
Ham -Will and Jenn
Loaded Baked Potato Casserole – Emma and Hannah
Salad – Christa
Cheeseball and crackers – Emma and Hannah
Pot Roast – Jeanne
Swedish Meatballs – Abby and John Paul
Fruit cups – Will and Jenn
Ginger Lime Carrots – Jeanne
Rolls – Christa
Beverage and Coffee Prep – Nathaniel
Table set-up (place settings, S&P, buffet) – Nathaniel

Kitchen Staff Time Line (Tape this to the wall of the kitchen!)
Kitchen: Abigail, Emma, Hannah, Jenny, Will,  John Paul

1-2:00 pm
Eat lunch
2:00 pm Wash dishes
2:30 pm Prep hams
Make cheeseballs
Swedish Meatballs in crock
3:00 pm Hams in ovens
Make deviled eggs
3:30 pm Make ginger lime sauce
4:30 pm
Make potato casserole
Clean and slice fruit

Cup fruit

5:15 pm Potato casseroles in ovens
Begin plating appetizers on trays
5:30 pm Light appetizer round chafer

5:45 pm Apps on table
6:00 pm Hams out of oven and carved
Begin carrots Light buffet chafers
6:15 pm Potato Casseroles out of oven
Pot Roast into steam pan Salad out on buffet Rolls on buffet Fruit cups on tables
6:30 pm
Dinner served

7:15 pm Dinner over
Desserts served
Clear buffet

Clean-up Crew – Three people arrived at 7 pm and stayed through 9:30 pm specifically for the purpose of washing dishes, pans, utensils, and helping with clean up.  My strong recommendation is that in future events, the duties be clearly divided between food prep and clean up wherein the food prep and waitstaff people leave after dinner service is completely over and the clean up crew (at least 6 people) take over.   If using plates, goblets, and stainless silverware, your clean up crew will need dozens of dish towels to dry.  It sounds like an exaggeration but trust me,  they will use every one of those 2 dozen+ towels.

Shopping List
Pot Roast
8 lb. beef chuck roasts
12 medium onions
4 cups beef broth
2 cups beer
10 bags 22-oz. frozen mashed potatoes
10 6.5-oz containers soft, spreadable garlic and herb cheese (I buy Alouette)
5 cups milk
10 cups (5 lb.) shredded cheddar cheese – from Sam’s
Bacon – I buy the pre-cooked, crumbled bacon from BJ’s or Sam’s
fresh chives
2 semi-boneless hams
whole cloves
3 10-oz. jars apricot jam
2 1/4 cups orange juice
3 jars of grated ginger root
Dijon mustard
hot sauce
Salad greens
24-oz dried cranberries – from Sam’s
2 lb. feta – from Sam’s
16-oz slivered almonds
4 slicing cucumbers
grape tomatoes
Salad dressings
Grapes – 10 cups (or 5.5 lbs)
Strawberries – 10 quarts
Frozen raspberries – 9-10 cups
Grand Marnier
Orange juice
9 lbs baby carrots
1.5 cups butter
1.5 cups honey
1 cup lime juice (buy 5 limes)
Deviled Eggs
3 dozen eggs
Swedish Meatballs
6 -lb. meatballs – from Sam’s
3 cream of chicken soups
2 cups sour cream
16-oz. cream cheese
1 stick butter
2 Wind and Willow Dip Mixes (available at most Hallmark stores and online)

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