After Church Reception for 300 – 350 (Cookies, soda and juice), 1 and 2

by admin on May 6, 2009

This was a simple after church reception for a pastor and his family that were leaving for Pastor’s College.   We planned for 300 but that number can fluctuate a few dozen either way.


* Sodas and juice:   A variety of those small, 8-oz sodas iced in large plastic buckets as well as juice boxes.  We tightly stacked the sodas in the tubs, mixing the different varieties as we went, then covered it with ice and water (ice water will cool much faster than just ice alone) before church began. It is easier to move the tubs into position during the sermon (you’ll need guy power for this) than wait until after church is over.

* Cookies:  About 6 women made 10 dozen cookies each.  This was a nice amount with very little leftover.

Budget:  $150…actual spent was around $117.00
Coordinator:  Emma H.

Service was simple…an 8 foot table placed in the middle of the foyer with a white tablecloth, platters of cookies placed on the table and the two large tubs of drinks at each end.

Purchased Sodas (Leftover amounts  in parenthesis):

Diet Coke  24  (1)
Sprite    56  (19)
Coke   64 (38)
Pepsi   24  (8)
Diet Pepsi   12  (6)
Sierra Mist   12  (5)
Mt. Dew   12  (6)
Dr. Pepper  48   (21)
Apple Juice Boxes   60  (10)

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