Watermelon Roses – Edible Art

by admin on January 25, 2010

A few years ago I became enthralled by photos I had seen online of exquisite melon carvings and discovered it was an ancient Thai artform called Ka Su Luk.  So I began to experiment with what turned out to be crude tools and a complete lack of instructions.   My earliest melons were atrocities in my eyes.

But I kept practicing, found instructional resources and purchased tools specific for the task.  What a difference the proper tool can make!  The melon above is one of two I made for a wedding in September 2009.  I practiced every week throughout the summer and this was result.   Below is one of my practice melons made around the end of July of 2009.  It’s hard to photograph the fine details of the interior of the bud so this is the best I can present.   I still have much improvement to be made in the petals being more delicate.

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