Breakfast For 100 – 115 – Make Your Own Omelette

by admin on March 10, 2010

The menu for this breakfast was primarily a baked egg “make-your-own-omelette” with fresh fruit and baked goods.

Baked Scrambled Eggs – 150 eggs (1 1/2 times recipe), none left
Crumbled sausage – 16 pounds of bulk sausage cooked ahead and then reheated
Bacon – 2 pounds, cooked and crumbled
Salsa – 3  24-ounce jars from Target
Diced green pepper – 2
Diced onions – 2 large
Shredded Cheddar cheese – 5 pounds
Cubed ham – one canned ham but lots left over
Cheese Sauce – I bought a #10 size can of cheddar cheese sauce from Sam’s but only used about a quart.  Cheaper to buy 3 jars of nacho cheese sauce.

Baked Cheesy Grits  – 2 steam pans (6x recipe), about 1/2 pan leftover

Mini Crullers – 2 bags
Mini doughnuts – 4 bags
Blueberry Coffee Cake –  2 steam pans (6x recipe) About 1/4 of a pan left over

Bananas – About 15
Strawberries – 6 quarts
Oranges, sliced  – 4 pounds

Orange juice – 6 gallons


1.  Buy bulk sausage and bacon days or even weeks earlier.  Cook up the bacon and sausage, and freeze both in separate ziplock bags.

2.  Day before – Make blueberry coffee cakes (this job should be delegated out – 1.25 hours).  Grocery shop for remaining items and deliver to site (1.25 hours).   Prep food such as dicing onions and green peppers, cubing the ham, slicing oranges (1 hour with 2 people). Prep the eggs by breaking them, scrambling, adding milk and salt and storing in gallon plastic pitchers in refrigerator (1 hour, 2 people).  50 eggs will fit in a one gallon pitcher.  Set up buffet table with chafers, serving tiers, utensils, plates, etc (1 hour, 2 people).

3. Morning of Breakfast (need four people to serve)

With only three ovens and at least five steam pans needing to be baked, we made the grits first.  The church facility kitchen used has 2 wall mounted bake/convection combination ovens and 1 electric range oven.

This would be the timeline if breakfast needed to be served at 8 or 8:15 am :

6:00 am – Prep grits (1 person)
6:30 am – Grits in range oven.  Wash strawberries and slice bananas in half.   Set up coffee and juice table.  Slice blueberry coffee cake into squares.  Arrange mini donuts on tiered server.  Sausage into large stock pot with lid on stove with added water (about 3 cups) so meat does not burn on bottom of pot.   Heat sausage on medium to high heat, adjusting as necessary to heat through cooked sausage thoroughly.
7:15 am – Prep steam pans with butter spray and melted butter. Add eggs and pour 1 gallon pitcher of beaten eggs into each steam pan.  Convection ovens can handle two steam pans at a time.  I like to put an insulated cookie sheet under the bottom level steam pan.
7:30 am – Check grits and if done, reduce oven temperature to “low” to hold them.   Start to check eggs and stir (actually scramble them).  Fill chafer water reservoirs (about 1 inch) with water and light sternos.
7:45 am – Continue checking eggs and stirring to scramble them.    Other items out on buffet such as onions, green peppers, bacon, cubed ham, salsa, shredded cheese, etc.     Grits can go into chafer at this time.  Sausage can go into round chafer.
8:00 am – Fully cooked eggs put in chafer.  All done!

Keep filling chafers and bowls as needed.


This is half of the buffet table.  The line starts at the far right with the plates first, followed in order by:  Chafer for baked eggs, round chafer for sausage, seven bowls for egg toppings (onions, green peppers, bacon, cubed ham, shredded cheese, salsa, and nacho cheese sauce), centerpiece, fruit tiers, blueberry coffee cake, donut tiers, chafer for cheesy grits, utensils and napkins.  You want to keep the grits separate from the eggs so that diners do not confuse the two (and believe me, they will and do).


Beverage table set – up.  Coffee urns were located on both ends of the table for better access.  One gallon pitchers of orange juice were placed in the center.


Dining was arranged with 7 at a table.  There is a mirror set-up on the right side of the room as well.

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