Wedding Reception – Heavy Hors D’Oeuvres for 100 (Christmas)

by admin on January 14, 2010

Date: December 19 Time: Evening, reception immediately following at church
Coordinator:  Jeanne

DISCLAIMER: The amounts presented are as accurate as can be figured. Variables in the time of the reception, weather, hunger level of the guests must be taken into account. This reception menu should provide plenty of food for 100 guests and in most cases, leftovers.


PEPPERIDGE FARM COOKIES WITH Creme De Menthe dip – 30 dozen is approximately 20 packages worth.

MIXED NUTS (peanuts, cashews, almonds ): 3.5 pounds

LINDT LINDOR WHITE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES: Quantity 100. These were bought in bulk from a candy supplier, A Southern Season in Durham, NC. The white chocolates are wrapped in silver and white foil are very wedding-ish.

SWEDISH MEATBALLS (4.5 per person): Buy the meatballs premade at Sam’s and add your own Swedish Meatball sauce . We simply added the sauce to the still frozen meatballs and resealed them in ziplock freezer bags. We defrosted them on the morning of the wedding and them heated in the oven in large chafing dish pans.

MINI QUICHES (about 2.5 per person): These were bought from Sam’s and were heated in a residential oven. We then kept them warm by putting them in a chafing dish.

VEGETABLE TRAY (cucumbers, celery, broccoli, carrots, peppers) with dip (2 large deli trays are needed for 100 people). Each tray consists of the following amounts: 1 head greenleaf lettuce, 2 cucumbers sliced, 1-1.5 each of red and yellow peppers cut into strips, 1 bunch of celery, 3 pounds of baby carrots, 1 1/2 pounds of broccoli and 1 pint of dip. You could add cherry tomatoes when in season but I declined for this wedding because the quality was not suitable considering the time of the year. Radishes cut into radish roses would be nice be forewarned that few people eat them so don’t buy a whole lot. Buy several large , heavy aluminum deli platters from your local supermarket deli. Wash lettuce, remove leaves and place leaves on platter radiating out from the center. Arrange your vegetables in groups on the platter. I try to separate celery and broccoli because their shades of green can be similar. The colored pepper strips make nice dividers between vegetable groups. Be sure to leave a space for your dip container to be placed. If you get really creative or have time, a small pumpkin, head of lettuce or any round large vegetable can be hollowed out for a dip receptacle. Cover entire platter with damp but not dripping wet paper towels, cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator til needed. These can be done the night before the wedding.

FRUIT AND CHEESE PLATTER: 2 large deli platters needed for 100 people. Each tray consists of 3 pounds of grapes (both green and red), 1 1/2 pounds strawberries, 1 pineapple and 1.25 pounds each of cheddar, monterey jack, and colby (Sam’s has cheese already cubed), 1 head of greenleaf lettuce.

I generally buy 3 or 4 pineapples and use parts of them for decorating the platter. Cut the tops off and save. Wash lettuce leaves and place on platter in a radiating pattern from the center, frilly edges of leaves to the outside. Put a pineapple top to the rear of a platter (being that it is round, you will have to decide which part of the platter is the “rear”). I cut a pineapple in half using a garnishing tool which zigzags the edges. Each half is placed on eiter side of the pineapple top. You may need to cover a brick or small box/container/whatever with foil to get the height you need with the pineapples. The effect you are creating is where the cheeses appear to be cascading out of the two pineapples halves. I then arrange the grapes and prepared pineapple chunks and spears in the middle and then liberally sprinkle the strawberries on top of the other fruit. The end result is a very lush look of abundance.

HOLIDAY QUICK BREAD PLATTER (banana, pumpkin, date nut) You will need about 6 large loaves. Slice and then place on platter (cover platter with a paper doily) in a spiral radiating out from the center. Be sure to leave a space in the middle for your whipped butter/cream cheese.

This particular reception had a gingerbread house for the centerpiece. The cost to make this centerpiece was about $45.00.

BEVERAGES – Based on 6-oz. serving per person

Apricot Mist Punch: We made 7 gallons of the base mix to which was added 16 liters of ginger ale. Factoring what amounts of beverage you need can be difficult because it is affected by the temperature, the season, what other foods are being served. For this punch, we made two ice rings made of the punch mix. Each ice ring lasted about 2 hours.

Coffee : 2 pounds
Tea ( 50 tea bags)
Creamer (2 qts.)
Sugar cubes (2 lbs.)
Hot Spiced Cider (Tangy, with orange and pineapple juice): We served this in a crock pot with a punch ladle. 3 gallons.

If you were to do this particular reception, here is your shopping list: Sugar cubes – 2 pounds
Tea Bags – 50
Coffee – 2 pounds
Cream – 2 quarts
Apricot nectar – 184 oz.
Pineapple juice – 184 ounces
Limeade, frozen – 72 ounces
Ginger ale – 16 liters
Limes (for ice rings) – 2
Marachino cherries – 1 large jar
Orange juice – 1/2 gallon
Apple Cider – 2.5 gallons
Flour – 5 pounds
Chopped dates – 1 pound
Walnuts – 1 pound
Pumpkin, canned – 1 can
Sugar – 5 pounds
Whipped butter – 2 pounds
Creme de menthe liquer- 1 bottle
Cool-Whip – 16 ounces
Pepperidge Farm Cookies – 20 packages/30 dozen
Green grapes – 3 pounds
Red grapes – 3 pounds
Frilly lettuce – 4 heads
Pineapple – 3- 4
Strawberries – 3 pounds
Cheddar Cheese – 2.5 pounds
Montery Jack cheese – 2.5 pounds
Colby cheese – 2.5 pounds
Bell peppers – 2 red, 3 yellow
Cucumbers – 4
Broccoli – 3 pounds of flowerettes, more if buying with stems
Baby Carrots – 6 pounds
Celery – 2 bunches
Dip for vegetables – 1 1/2 quarts
Mixed nuts – 3.5 pounds
Lindt Lindor truffle balls – 100
Meatballs – 450 (calculate 4.5 per person)
Mini quiches – 240
Sterno – 6 large chafing dish sized cans
Frilly toothpicks
Paper Doilies
Hot cups
Crystal punch cups (plastic)
Cake plates (7 inch)
Buffet plates (7 inch)
Buffet napkins
Forks (for cake)
Ziplock baggies
Plastic wrap
Aluminum foil

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