Wedding Reception – Light Hors D’Oeuvres for 330

by admin on January 14, 2010

Date: June 10 Location:  Reception immediately following ceremony at same outdoor facility
Guests:  Over 400 Invited,  actual attendance about 330.  Food amounts based on 300.

Due to lack of a kitchen or prep area and no refrigeration, menu items were selected for their ease of pre-prep and no need for little or no refrigeration.

Note:  Just because this was a light hors d’oeuvres reception consisting primarily of fruit, cookies, cake, nuts and a beverage, one should not presume this is an easy or simple reception to execute.  The large numbers of guests in addition to a location an hour away from where the bulk of guests reside made this a labor intensive reception.


Fruit and Cheese Cascade:

Cubed cheese –  30 pounds,   about half left over
Strawberries – 2 cases,   none left
White and red grapes – 36 pounds  (2 cases),   about 2-3 pounds leftover
Nectarines –  2.6 pounds (10),  none left
Plums –  2.3 pounds (10), none left
Navel oranges – 2 bags, one bag left over
Bing cherries –  5.8 pounds,  none left
Curly Kale
Fruit Dip –  2 batches (total 16 oz. cream cheese and 32 oz Marshmallow Fluff),   little left

Equipment used:  2 multi-tiered risers to create round fruit cascade, several small crystal bowls for dip, spoons for dip

Texas Caviar:

Carr Water Cracker – 12 boxes,   none left
2 Large boxes of Toasteds from BJs, 1 box left over
Texas Caviar –  times the recipe by 16, each of 2 containers held 8 batches and had 2/3 of container left over
Equipment needed:  Large punch with ladle, several trays for crackers, large ladle for serving

Cookies–  40 dozen, about 2 dozen left over.
Equipment needed:  large oval platters, 2 cake plates

Praline Pecans – 6 pounds, none left; Cashews – 3.5 pounds, none left
Equipment needed:  punch bowl with ladle

2 melons for carving

Powdered Lemonade mix – 2 large cans, none left
Frozen Lemonade concentrate –  16 cans  (made only 7-8 gallons)
Iced tea mix –  4 large cans from BJs,  2.5 left over
Ice –  200 lbs, Only maybe 16-20 pounds leftover
Equipment for beverages:  2 rented 5-gallon punch fountains, 2 5-gallon glass water crocks

Labor needed:

Prior to wedding date:
Cookie baking – at least 6 people making a total of 50 dozen cookies (2/person based on 300 guests)
Praline nuts – 2 people
Pick up fruit from Farmer’s Market day before –  1 person
Texas Caviar making – 2 people

Day of Wedding:
Ice purchase and delivery – 2 men
Grape and orange prep – 2 people
Display/set up day of wedding – 7
Servers during reception (replentishing any platters) – 4-6

Beverage and ice service – On a hot afternoon, a team of 4 people will stay busy the entire reception keeping punch bowls filled with beverages and ice

Passed cake service (served on trays to guests by roaming servers) – 6 people plus 4 to help slice all the cake

Trash can clean-up during reception – 2

Clean up – At site – at least 6,  offsite clean up of serving equipment – 2

Paper Products

6″ plates – 800 (400 for cake, 400 for buffet)
Napkins…1.5 person (beverage size OK )….. 450 minimum
Forks….from BJ’s, 500
Clear plastic cups from BJs  – 6 oz, 800 cups minimum
Miscellaneous items like zip lock baggies, trash bags, food service gloves…$30

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