12 week and 4-6 Month Timelines/Checklists

by admin on January 15, 2010

These timelines are specifically designed for 4-6 month and 12-week engagements typical of many Sovereign Grace Church (Apex) weddings and therefore includes SGC-related wedding policy responsibilities within the timeline. If not a member of SGC-Apex, please refer to your church’s wedding policies.

Engagements less than six months require a significant amount of organization and contracting for services to be done as soon as possible after the date has been approved by a SGC pastor. Many vendors such as caterers and photographers, particularly the popular or good ones, are booked a year in advance. Consider a wedding scheduled on an atypical day such as a Friday evening or a Sunday afternoon to get a greater variety of vendors to choose from. Also, dress shop as soon as possible since many dresses require weeks or even months when ordered and to have time for alterations.

Please note that these timelines are only a suggestion with the exception of the mandatory preliminary meeting with the pastor and pre-marital counseling.

For a printable PDF version of the 4-6 month Timeline, click here.

For a printable PDF version of a 12-week Timeline, click here. This particular Timeline has a very detailed people management component added to it.

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