Chicken Buffet Dinner for 100

by admin on January 16, 2010

Date: August 19, 2006
Time: 6 pm, home wedding with reception immediately after
Prepared for 90, about 110 attended


  • Appetizers – 3 large cheese wedges from BJ’s, 1 box of fancy assorted crackers from BJs.  Bunch of red grapes.   Feta cheese spread, olive tapenade spread and olive oil with cracked pepper served in 3 small bowls with 5 baquettes.

  • Salmon – 4 pounds, should have been doubled, covered in an olive tapenade and baked
  • Fruit Salad – Unknown quantity, someone else made it, plenty left over
  • Potato Salad – 15 pounds

  • Cole Slaw – 2 bags

  • Spinach Walnut Salad – fresh spinach, toasted walnuts, crumbled feta cheese, dried cranberries, red onions topped with Ken’s Caesar Salad dressing with a little Balsamic vinegar added.

  • Dirty Rice with shrimp, uncle made it

  • Bourbon Chicken, 50-60 pounds boneless, skinless thighs.  These marinated overnight and were then cooked on an outdoor grill the morning of the wedding by the FOB and friends.  Placed in an aluminum foil chafing dish and covered tightly with foil, these will keep at 170 degrees for hours in the oven and still be moist.

  • Rolls – 108 purchased, 15 left over

  • Bottled water – 5 cases, 1 leftover

  • Snapple – 6 cases/72 bottles
  • Wine – 6 large bottles consumed. This can vary wildly depending on
    the crowd.

From left to right, the buffet contained:  stacked plates, 2 chafers of dirty rice, potato salad and cole slaw on the elevated platform, spinach salad, carved watermelon with fruit salad on center raised platform, salmon, bourbon chicken in chafer, rolls in metal baskets, wicker basket of utensils and napkins.

Rental Items

7 round tables and table cloths
96 chairs
2 tents

Paid Labor:

1 server:  $100
Bartender:  $60

Volunteer labor:

Carolyn: Made the fruit salad
Eddie: Made the dirty rice
Jeanne:  Made the cole slaw, and helped with Spinach Walnut Salad

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