Sample $3,000.00 Wedding for 110 Guests

by admin on January 18, 2010

Date: August 19
Guests: 110
Ceremony Site:  Bride’s parents’ home
Reception Site: Bride’s parents’ home
Buffet dinner reception, dancing
Total cost of wedding:  $3,000.00

Below is the breakdown of where the money was spent.

Tents Rental 290.00
Chairs Rental 96.00
Tables Rental 52.00
Linens  Rental 128.00
Cake 320.00
Food 300.00
Liquor and ice 165.00
Candles and plates 60.00
Stamps 24.00
Invitations 100.00
Favors 71.00
Dress and bra 452.00
Veil 49.00
Flowers 250.00
Pastor 100.00
Server 100.00
Bartender 60.00
Bagpiper 250.00
Drycleaning 83.00
Paper products
(cups, utensils, napkins)
TOTAL 3,000.00

Areas where priorities were cut or changes made to save money:

1. No ceremony or reception site fees

2. No professional catering. The mother of the bride is an experienced hostess who prepared much of the food.  See details of the reception dinner at this link.

3. No professional photographer or videographer.  The bride’s brother took photos while another recorded with a video camera.

4.  A single maid of honor, best man and a flower girl. Reduced number of attendants saves on flowers, accommodations, rehearsal dinner costs, attendants gifts.

5. No professional DJ.  Bride’s uncle supplied the sound board and speakers, aunt provided the digital music.  Dance floor was full most of the evening.

6.  No special transportation.

7.  No hairstylist/make-up artist hired.

Photo 1:  The reception set-up.  Everything in the picture was rented.  Instead of expensive floral centerpieces, there are candles and lanterns.

Photo 2: The bride’s parents’ home adjoins a county park with a century old bridge, grove of Tulip trees and pond.  The bridge was the ceremony site.  Guests are walking down at the urging of the director.  Because the ceremony was planned to be short – 10 to 15 minutes – no chairs were provided except for the elderly.

Photo 3:  The bride, her father, the Maid of Honor, flower girl and bagpiper are seen beginning the procession from the house to the park’s bridge.  The bride’s older brother can be seen doing the photography.

Photo 4:  The ceremony.

Photo 5:  The reception viewed from the back of the house.  To the left are the tables under tents, in the middle is the food buffet table and beverages to the right. The photo was taken from the “dance floor” with a DJ’s table to the right and rear of the person taking this photo.

Photo 6: The view from the tents towards the house.  There was further seating on the outdoor patio for guests.

Photo 7:  The wedding cake was located in the dining room.

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