Swedish Meatballs

by admin on August 28, 2010

Something as simple as this recipe should not be as tasty as it is but every time I make this, without fail, people rave about the meatballs. Swedish meatballs are pretty retro on current buffet menus but I have no trouble with guests wolfing them down. The nice thing about the recipe is that if you have leftovers, freeze them and serve over buttered noodles later.

Frozen Italian meatballs from BJ’s or Sam’s.    I think the reason why people love my Swedish meatballs is because I use the Italian meatballs instead of plain meatball. These meatballs are already pre-cooked.

1 can condensed cream of chicken soup
1/3 cup milk
1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg
1/2 cup dairy sour cream

A 6-pound package of meatballs will need a double recipe of the above sauce.

My usual way of preparing meatballs ahead of time is to make the meatball sauce and add it to the frozen meatballs package, reseal it and put it right back in the freezer.  I begin dethawing in the refrigerator the day before and the day of the event, the frozen mass is put into foil pans or chafer pans, covered in foil and placed in a 325 degree oven for at least 2 hours.   It takes longer than you think to get them heated entirely through. Remember, you can always “hold” the meatballs at a 140 degrees for quite a while with little degradation in quality, however, poorly heating through to serve cold meatballs is a sin punishable only by severe beating with a limp noodle.

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