Mini Scrapbook Christmas Ornament

by admin on December 8, 2010

Let’s get started!

Supplies needed:

*  Scrapbook paper (Both a design sheet and solid color paper.  The red scrapbook paper above is almost as heavy as card stock.  You need something with “umph!” to be the body of the scrapbook. Plain, thin paper won’t do. Can be found in the scrapbooking section of any craft store.)

* 1/8″ wide ribbon

* Scissors

* Double sided scrapbooking tape

* Tacky glue

*  A 2″X2″ cardboard pattern and a 3 5/8″X 3 5/8th square cardboard pattern

*  Thin cardboard (the cardboard that comes in wall calendars is perfect.)

Steps 1 and 2:    Cut out 2 – 2X2″ inch squares of cardboard and 2 – 3 5/8X 3 5/8ths inch squares of scrapbook paper.   Wrap each square of cardboard with the scrapbook paper, making sure to fold the creases down well. I use an old credit card to get my folds and creases very crisp.  Glue down flaps with Tacky glue.

Steps 3 and 4:   Cut two 22″ lengths of ribbon and one 8″ length of ribbon.  Glue them to the cardboard ends as shown.  These wil become the hanging loop and closure ties for your ornament.

Step 5:   Cut out three 3  5/8X 3 5/8ths squares of solid color paper.  I prefer to use two squares of white or cream and one square of a solid color for my ornaments.  Fold in half, fold again in the other direction and then fold once more along the diagonal from corner to corner.  Remember to use that old credit card to get a crisp fold.

Step 6:  Glue one square to one cardboard end piece.

Step 7:   Using the alternate color square, glue it to the first square as shown, being careful to get the orientation correction.  The first one I made I did not get the orientation correct so that it did not fold correctly when I tried to close it later.

Step 8 :  Continue gluing the third square, making sure to glue in the proper orientation so that the angled folds alternate as shown.

Step 9:  Glue the end cardboard piece to the last folded square as shown.  Be careful to get the orientation of the ribbon correct lest you find later that the ribbons are on the wrong ends and it cannot be tied closed properly.

Step 10:  I cut and paste photos into a Word document and then use the Word tools to crop the photo, size it down to less than 2 inches square, color correct it.  I found that I always needed to “Add Contrast” to make the image clearer.  I could fit as many as 12 little photos on a single sheet of glossy printer photo paper.  Print using the “Photo” on “glossy paper”, cut out with scissors and tape down with double sided scrapbooking tape.

Add any embellishments to the front, tie off the ribbons and trim if necessary and voila!  A unique ornament that makes a great gift for newlyweds or new parents.

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