After Church Lunch – Pot Roast, Buttered Noodles, Carrots

by admin on February 21, 2011

Supplement your good home cooking with some quality storebought items like crusty Take and Bake rolls and a pie.

Menu – Serves 6-8 adults

Caramelized Onion Pot Roast
Buttered Noodles (1 1/2 bags of No Yolks Dumpling noodles)
Take and Bake rolls (Crusty French)
Ginger Lime Carrots
Boston Market-style Baked Apples
Marie Calendar’s Razzleberry Pie

Timeline – Lunch to be served about 1:15pm

Saturday prep – Slice onions, prepare all dish sauces (pot roast, carrots and apples). Set aside in refrigerator.

Sunday Morning prep

7:00 am – Brown meat on both sides…about 15 minutes.  Then saute onions til caramelized (golden brown around edges).  Put meat in crock pot, top with onions and then previously prepared sauces.  Turn crockpot to HIGH.  Meanwhile, bake Razzleberry pie, remove when finished to leave to cool while at church.

12:15 pm (assuming you leave church immediately and live nearby) .   Check your pot roast and turn down to LOW if necessary.   Put pot of water on stove but don’t heat yet.   Peel apples and prep dish for oven.

12:30 pm  Apples in oven, start water boiling for noodles, carrots in glass microwaveable dish with sauce on top.  Put rolls on cookie sheet.   Set table.

12:55 or 1 pm   Put rolls in oven, noodles in boiling water and carrots in microwave.  Cooking time for carrots may vary depending on size of baby carrots…check for tenderness after lowest time.

1:15 pm  Serve the pot roast, noodles, carrots, and baked apples.

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