Ginger – Twas Heaven here with you

by admin on May 9, 2011

About 13 years ago, an abandoned, scraggly, ugly, flea-infested, tick-covered, half-naked-from-mange, four month old puppy showed up on the front porch of our rental house right next door to our farm house.   She was just sitting there expectantly as if waiting for us to appear and we took under our care.  I am convinced God whispered in her ear, “Go, sit on the porch of *that* house”, when she was abandoned. She needed us and we would later realize how much we needed her.

She would become one of the finest dogs we’ve ever known.  Gentle, kind-hearted, compassionate, she loved life and her people.  Calico the cat and she became buddies with the two of them sometimes sleeping together and Ginger always alerting us to cat fights and whining with worry to make sure Calico was OK.    In the days before my horse Scarlet died, Ginger knew something was wrong and cried with worry to me every day when I walked past her to the barn and then cried everyday for a week after Scarlet died.

When lightning struck our house near her doghouse, she was forever fearful of thunder and lightning and she would alert us to incoming storms long before they reached us.  She wanted to make sure we brought her inside!

She was a dedicated wasp and bee hunter and eater and stalked the insects hovering around the flowers.  How she managed to capture and kill so many stinging bugs without getting stung was a mystery to us.

Ginger died about 10:30 Tuesday night, May 3rd. She had been on antibiotics and steroids for several weeks and appeared to be back to her old self. But she was lethargic Monday and Tuesday and didn’t want to eat.

We all went to Coldstone Creamery after dinner but before we did, Dad coaxed her into the laundry room onto her pad. About 30 minutes before she died Nathaniel checked on her and she greeted him with a raised head and wag and he pet her….a little later Dad heard something in the laundry room, found she had vomited again, cleaned her up and realized she was dying. He stayed with her to the end and then told me and then the kids. It was very peaceful and she wasn’t alone.

Within an hour, the family eulogies on Facebook had started….

Bye Ginger…you are going to be missed. This boy could never have wished for a better dog. 13 years was far too short… Nathaniel, 11:35 pm

I remember when she was a mangy half-grown puppy. She turned out to be the sweetest dog I have ever known, and I am grateful that the Lord brought her to our doorstep so many years ago. Abigail

We buried Ginger in the back corner of our property this morning, in a pretty little clearing in the woods. She was, I’m sure, the best dog I’ll ever have the honor of caring for. She was the most gentle and friendly and well-mannered dog I’ve met. It won’t be the same without her happy greetings when I come home. The kids spent half their lives with her, ever since we found her as a puppy, abandoned, flee-ridden, tick-infested, with more mange than fur. She rallied quickly and seemed for the rest of her life to be grateful to be alive, always friendly and sweet. Jeanne & I and the kids are all grateful for having known her by the kindness of God. Good-bye, sweet girl; we’ll always remember you with love. Timothy  on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 10:10am

Grieve not, nor
speak of me with tears,
but laugh and
talk of me as
if I were beside you.
I loved you so….
Twas Heaven
here with you.

-Isla Paschal Richardson

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